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Turf Toe Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Turf toe gets its name from the fact that the injury is often sustained by people that spend a lot of time on artificial turf, but it can occur on virtually any type of surface. On artificial turf it’s common to wear types of footwear that possess studs, spikes, or blades that stick into the ground. When moving, it’s possible that an individual’s full body weight may continue to go forwards while their foot is stuck in the ground and their big toe is in a fully extended position, which results in what’s known as a “hyperextension” of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ), causing a sprain of the joint capsule. When this happens, it will usually be possible to see considerable bruising around the base of the big toe and the ligaments connected to the toe will be stretched, and sometimes may even tear. It’s also possible that the big toe may be dislocated due to the extreme amount of pressure placed on the toe. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from turf toe, you will almost certainly experience considerable pain right after the injury is sustained, and over time the range of motion of the joint may be reduced. Turf toe also increas