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Toe Bursitis Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Self-Help


Bursitis is a condition that many people around the world struggle with at some point in their lives and is well known for causing considerable pain and discomfort, especially when walking. It can occur at various points across the foot, with the area around the toe joints, the sides of the foot, and the heel and ankle areas particularly susceptible. It’s completely normal for a small number of bursae to be present in the foot and toe (and various other parts of the body), but when excessive pressure and friction are applied, the body produces bursae in abnormal quantities, resulting in the development of bursitis. Other parts of the body that are commonly affected by bursitis include the elbows, the hips, and the shoulders. The knees are also sometimes affected by bursitis, but it’s not as common. These areas all have something in common; they are joints that are heavily used, often to perform repetitive actions.

Toe Bursitis Causes

There are four known causes of toe bursitis, which are:

  • Direct Toe Blow or Injury – While injuries such as muscle tears don’t usually result in symptoms of bursitis, should you suffer a particularly bad direct blow to your body, this could po